Not suitable for all viewers.

The truth of these words is dubious, unknowable and full of misery.



10% discount on multi-item orders


Items that don't have many details, OR which are detailed but have symmetrical overall forms.

(Some simple asymmetry is fine and might also be added intentionally by me for visual interest.)


Items with many details or many individual parts AND asymmetrical forms/angles.

I will do props of all kinds.

Weapons, bottles, simple jewelry, collars,
phylacteries, tools, books, artifacts, hats,
boots, prosthetics, whips, tea sets, etc.

Great for roleplay items, tabletop tokens and character site decorations!

Full suits of armor and full outfit designs are not a part of this special, but individual pieces, like helmets or a pair of greaves, are.

I require references to give me an idea of what you want. I can work as closely to the references as you want me to, or design something unique that is only loosely based on them.

I can do 1-3 items for you if you snag a slot, so you don't need multiple slots if you happen to want multiple items. Each item is charged separately.

The final size artwork is pretty big--generally at least 1000 pixels in one dimension.

All items are transparent PNGs. I can provide a simple gradient background or a colored outline on request.

CONTACT ME on Discord


By choosing to commission me, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms below.

Communicate with me regarding your commission over Discord (GRANDPA WITH CHAINSAW#7239), or email (doktor[AT]
Payment is accepted as USD via Paypal invoice, or through my link in case of smaller commissions. I do not accept any other methods of payment at this time.For pieces over $60 in price, half of the commission price is due before work begins. This amount is non-refundable.If this amount is not paid within 48 hours of receiving the invoice (and you do not contact me,) your slot in the commission queue will be lost and I will move on to the next customer.The second half of the commission price is due immediately after a sketch is shown and approved.If the commissioner does not pay the rest of the amount within 48 hours of approving the sketch, they will lose their slot in the queue and the commission will be abandoned.If the commissioner does not respond to the showing of the sketch within a week, they will lose their slot in the queue and the commission will be abandoned.In case of abandoned commissions, any art completed is liable to be modified to no longer resemble the original character, and resold as an adoptable.
Commissioners can expect to see multiple in-progress shots of the work as it is completed, or a live stream.I will not fix or add things that were omitted or forgotten on the commission request form. Small details like piercings, etc. are fine. Big omissions will add to the price.If I have made an error due to my mistake and not due to an omission on your part, I will fix it for free.Once a commission is approved at the sketch stage, no further major changes will be allowed without an additional fee.I will not rework any completed parts of the commission.Suggestions may be made any time before the work is complete, but it is up to me to decide whether or not I will take them into consideration.When the commission is complete, the commissioner will receive the full-sized, unwatermarked version of their commission, as well as a web version for online-friendly posting.
The work, once complete, may be used and displayed in any way the commissioner pleases, so long as suitable credit is provided to me, the artist, with a link to my website ( when possible, or my alias (DOKTOR @ FurAffinity) when it is not.You are not permitted to use my art commercially, or to otherwise generate any sort of revenue.This means that you cannot resell my art. If you are selling a group or character the art was commissioned for, contact me first, OR remove my art from the bundle.If a work is a gift for someone other than the commissioner, all of the above also apply to the recipient.
I reserve the right to publish commissioned work in my personal galleries, use it for personal promotion, and potentially sell prints of it, with credit provided to the character's owner. (The commissioner may choose to negotiate this PRIOR to an agreement upon the price of the commission.)
I reserve the right to adjust my prices, and these terms of service, at any time and without notice.I reserve the right to reject any commission I do not want to do, for any reason, which I am not obligated to provide.THANK YOU FOR THE KIDNEY. HAVE A GOOD DAY.

ICONS - $45

1000x1000px originals


1 open!
2 open!